MoonPay invests in an expensive CryptoPunk NFT, totaling 900ETH

MoonPay strikes big again! This time the purchase is CryptoPunk #2681 for 900ETH (~$3 million).

The crypto company released a tweet shortly after the purchase and asked its followers to guess who the buyer is. The thread filled up quickly with a wide range of speculative guesses, including President Joe Biden and Queen Elizabeth.

CryptoPunk #2681 represents one of 88 Zombie punks among the 10,000-strong collection. Hence, the price tag. The other two attributes are Clown Eyes Blue and Cap, both common attributes. Currently, the NFT sits among the company’s collection which includes RTFKT, BAYC, CryptoKitties, and various other goodies. It is also plausible that they themselves are in fact the buyer in this purchase and not acting as the middleman.

MoonPay snaps up 1 of 88 Zombie punks. Credit: OpenSea

MoonPay NFT services

Besides being a conventional crypto exchange, the company expands their service offerings with their NFT checkout experience. The company’s vision has always been to increase crypto adoption. Undoubtedly, the steps involved in purchasing cryptocurrencies can be daunting for first-timers. Similarly, the NFT selection and purchase process is no walk in the park especially if the purchase involves millions of dollars.

MoonPay removes this obstacle by making NFT purchases seem like any other e-commerce purchase. Buyers can use their credit cards to buy NFTs through this website and MoonPay will handle the transfer. This service reduces the purchase process from 9 steps to 3 simple steps.

The crypto company makes this possible by integrating their network with on-chain and off-chain partners. They are now offering their services to more than 160 countries, supporting 30+ fiat currencies and 80+ cryptocurrencies. It’s basically a plug and play approach to purchasing digital assets, and people are appreciating the service.